"Find a strong lawyer", Ngjela warns: The new files have arrived, Meta is scared to the core

2024-05-21 23:01:00 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

"Find a strong lawyer", Ngjela warns: The new files have arrived, Meta
Lawyer Spartak Ngjela stated in the RTSH24 studio that politics has been seized by fear and that he seeks to intimidate justice, especially SPAK.

Njjela pointed out that SPAK will continue with arrests since, according to him, other files have arrived for the main political leaders.

The lawyer considered Meta's attacks on SPAK as a consequence of the internal fear that has gripped the president of the Freedom Party.

"SPAK has made arrests, it will continue. They are more corrupt, the number is greater. Now it seems to have started. It will continue and we will see how much strength SPAK will have. There is a lot of corruption and they are in the highest ranks. We have a former prime minister and former president like Sali Berisha accused of corruption. There are directors, former ministers accused of corruption.

It will still continue in the field. They are worried, I have warned them, get powerful lawyers. You will go to court. The evidence has come from the investigative institutions of the superpower, the evidence is complete, now it has arrived in Albania, now let's see how it is operated. The attacks they made on SPAK show that they are afraid. They are scared and have created internal insecurity. This has forced them to attack them for being people without professional intellect.

What does it mean to strike, the people will rise up to overthrow the judicial power because they have arrested you and you who were wearing terital pants until yesterday why don't the people know them. People know" , said Njela.

Njjela further emphasized that the fact that politics reacts to the justice reform and SPAK itself shows that it is corrupt.  

 " She has proven to be a lady who has no inviolability because we do not run these operations. Veting has started as a result of the justice reform. We did not formulate it, it was formulated by those who support us and we have an alliance with them. When a policy stands up to a reform, it is understood that that policy is corrupt. He is afraid. I think that now there are signs that the anti-corruption reform will continue with faster reforms" , said Ngjela.