Ilir Metaj "threatens" openly: When I become prime minister, I will declare you all non-women!

2024-04-17 12:12:05 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Ilir Metaj "threatens" openly: When I become prime minister, I will

It seems that the SPAK investigation has put Ilir Meta under pressure, who appeared quite aggressive today in a press conference.

While there have been no shortage of attacks against the Special Prosecutor's Office and its head, Altin Dumani, Meta has declared that he is clean in every case for which he is being investigated. He even went further, as he said that when he is prime minister of Albania, he will declare all non-women as president again!

"First, I have a question for you, if you allow me: Was Dvorani decorated by the Secretary of State as the anti-corruption hero? Why was he not on the agenda? Edi Rama broke the TV when Dvorani was decorated. I have a question; why did Edi Rama leave the choice of Dvorani with 7 questions. I don't dance at all, not for Chez-Dia, as I am crystal clear. Dum Duman has tried to falsify a process. He has assumed that he will make a name for himself, and in front of a mentor. He doesn't have the courage to deal with Rama's affair and Damian with the CEZ affair, but he will deal with those cases that have been closed, with people like that crazy person who was convicted by a court decision for domestic violence and who appears on TV and speaks , as Damian's worker. I will be prime minister of Albania and I will also serve as president, but it will be after a few years. For non-women there is no such concern. The problem is when I declare Ilir Meta non-grata." - said Meta.


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