Interview/ Head of DP, Basha: SPAK, the only institution that fights corruption

2024-04-17 11:35:35 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Interview/ Head of DP, Basha: SPAK, the only institution that fights corruption

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, in a Skype interview from Strasbourg, commented in the " Ora News" news studio on yesterday's developments in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, but also on the political current affairs in Albania.


The American Embassy defends SPAK, how do you see today's reaction?

Lulzim Basha:  I fully support the statement of the US Embassy in Tirana. The Democratic Party and I have long raised the concern that there is a revenge from the majority and Edi Rama, from his ministers, from his mayors, who are panicking after they realize that they have lost the control they had over justice, a justice that is starting to take its first independent steps. And the first fruits are visible, for ministers, the deputy prime minister, the mayor of Tirana and his directors, they are all in front of SPAK. On the other hand, there is an alliance that was hidden until a while ago, but has now come out in the open, where SPAK is being attacked, which is the only institution that is fighting corruption, and where corruption remains the main problem of this government.

And on the other hand, a government that articulates in favor of SPAK, but with the decisions it takes, limits SPAK's spaces. We had a directorate, now we have a Ministry for Corruption, a ministry that does zero work and collects Albanians' taxes not to fight or denounce corruption, but to cover up corruption.

Apparently, SPAK is the target of these political factors of the government and the Prime Minister, and there are a number of steps since the shameful amnesty that was granted to those convicted of corruption, and which would not have been possible without joining the votes with a part of those who call themselves the opposition. Continuing the efforts with extra-constitutional instruments, superimposing the SPKA, and limiting all opportunities without criminal charges from the institutions.