Week of "fire" for Berisha, a private expert act, "fight" for freedom in the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court

2024-03-03 19:50:43 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Week of "fire" for Berisha, a private expert act, "fight"

As he has spent more than 60 days locked inside the house with a court decision, the former prime minister Sali Berisha faces a week of court appearances.

At their core is his quest to get out of house arrest and overturn the security measures granted by the two levels of the Special Court.

Monday at 10:00 a.m. the Special Court examines the request made by the former prime minister under investigation for "corruption", for the cancellation of the " house arrest" security measure.

Last week, the first hearing of this criminal request failed because judge Irena Gjoka was engaged in another criminal trial, which went beyond the official working hours of the court.

In Monday's session, the lawyers of the former prime minister are expected to present an accounting report, made by private experts, among which they will prove that Jamarbër Malltezi, also under investigation for the " Partizani " file, did not benefit from the money with which SPAK claims to have corrupted the former Prime Minister's father-in-law.

The other judicial confrontations of the week Berisha has in the Supreme Court, which on Tuesday examines two recourses of the former prime minister. At 10:50 a.m. on Tuesday, a Criminal Panel composed of judges Ilir Panda, Sokol Binaj and Sandër Simoni will judge Berishë's claim to extinguish the first security measures against him, that of "obligation to appear" and " detention of going abroad ".

According to the former prime minister, the measures have lost their power, after judge Irena Gjoka revealed the reasoning behind the decision beyond the 48-hour deadline provided by law.

1 hour and 40 minutes later, the same Penal College must examine Berisha's appeal against these two security measures.

In the event that the Supreme Court overturns the two measures, the " house arrest " measure, which has come as a toughening of them, will also lose its power.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has not yet set a date for the appeal made by the former prime minister against "house arrest", a measure that has been in place since December 30 of last year.


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