"Good news" for Albanian politicians. Lukashenko will run for president again!

2024-02-25 12:47:53 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

"Good news" for Albanian politicians. Lukashenko will run for

Only Albanian politicians who have not let go of their chair since the 1990s, whether in the opposition or in the government, will envy him. Even politicians considered autocrats by the West like Putin and Erdogan came to power after the 2000s.

The leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, in power since 1994, has announced that he will run again in the presidential elections in 2025. It is difficult to find another politician in Europe who remains in politics for so long, so Lukashenko can be a model not only good but also unique that fits the mindset of many of our politicians.

" Tell them (the opposition abroad) that I will be a candidate, " Lukashenko told reporters at a polling station after voting in Belarus' parliamentary and local elections today.

"No one, no responsible president would abandon his people who followed him into battle, " he added.

Lukashenko, 69, has led Belarus since 1994 and is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's closest allies.

" We have one more year until the presidential elections. Many things can change" , he noted

" Of course, I and all of us, the society, will react to the changes that will happen in our society and the situation in which we will approach the elections in a year ", concluded Lukashenko.