"McGonigal"/ The opposition submits the request for a commission of inquiry. Boçi: Rama will come as 'cheço' and answer

2023-02-03 11:18:03 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

"McGonigal"/ The opposition submits the request for a commission of

The opposition submitted today the request for the establishment of an investigative commission on the "McGonigal" case. The request signed yesterday by 45 deputies was submitted to the assembly by deputies Luciano Boçi and Albana Vokshi.

the vice president of the DP, Boçi, said that Rama will not escape this time and will answer before the commission.

In this commission of inquiry, it has been warned to investigate the relationship between Prime Minister Rama and the arrested former FBI official, Charles McGonigal.

" We have signed 45 deputies to set up the investigative commission to get Rama out of the hole of the niche. Not only the commission will remove him from the chamber, but also the protest of February 11. The regulation clearly defines that when ¼ of the deputies request the setting up of the committee, it is an obligation to set it up. Rama has spent the Albanians' taxes. He will not escape this time. He will come to the Investigative Commission as a 'checho' and answer. This commission will get the details and will look for all Rama's meetings and his scandal to corrupt the institutions of the American government, in order to attack the system of pluralism in Albania, and the opposition. Everything will turn into a boomerang ," Boçi said.




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