After the release of Berisha's son-in-law from prison, softening begins, Paloka: I am not on hunger strike!

2023-11-21 15:11:39 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

After the release of Berisha's son-in-law from prison, softening begins,

Just a few hours after the release of Sali Berisha's son-in-law after the security measure was changed to "House Arrest", there seem to be signs of a softening of the "wild" war between the Berisha-Bardhi opposition.

One of Berisha's closest collaborators, Ed Paloka, has stated today in News 24 that the fight with smokers and flakadas that they did yesterday in the parliament has accomplished the mission of raising awareness, so he is now against further radicalization such as the idea of ​​a strike of the hunger of the deputies of the Berisha-Bardhi group.

Part of Paloka's statement:

The guard also blocked the podium. This is a flagrant violation of the law. It has been so long that the guards enter the hall and block the deputies before the sessions have even started.

The Guard can intervene when the Parliament is set on fire, of course as it intervened and was allowed by. What happened before? They also checked us physically, some MPs had their pants belts removed. All this because Rama would come to speak, to create opportunities for him to insult the opposition. Women's bags were also checked and you saw the effect they had. The flame yesterday was symbolic.

Today we are on the right path as the opposition, not to stop their theft, because we cannot stop it if the Albanians were not taken...

If the majority accepts our constitutional rights, our behavior will be different. But the Albanians must come out, only the protests and the overthrow of this government will bring change in Albania.

 The hunger strike has been mentioned and proposed, but I'm not a big fan. I'm not even against it, I'm a fan of doing everything, but we need to define a goal and will to achieve. If we have these two… we have a purpose today. Of course, the strike also aims to raise awareness, because it is not that you will overthrow the government. I think the awareness has been reached and we have to move on to other steps for the goal, which is the overthrow of the government. Continued protest and resistance bring down the government.

Rama also saw yesterday that he cannot stop us. So let him call to his senses and open a way and break his neck, or wait for me to break his neck Albanians.

The protests will start at the most convenient moment.