Why is Ilir Meta worried about former chief prosecutor Arben Rakipi?!

2024-04-17 12:57:58 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Why is Ilir Meta worried about former chief prosecutor Arben Rakipi?!

Ilir Meta harshly attacked SPAK and Altin Duman in yesterday's press conference.

But one detail from his speech seems to have been overshadowed. Ilir Meta mentioned the term "mentor" of Duman for the lawyer and former chief prosecutor Arben Rakipi.

Meta said: "All these cousins ​​of Nuredin, get ready if they know the work of the Freedom Party and Ilir Meta so easily, ask their mentors how they saw themselves so quickly from the positions of the strong and the arrogant in that of the refined and despised, but also the politically squeezed. Ilir Meta has other integrity. He dismissed Arben Rakip after resigning as prime minister due to his open involvement in politics. I should have dismissed Arben Rakip and I should have dismissed all these vagabonds who want to form a political party without being voted for. When Nuredin's cousin wants, he can take all these pentitos, laraskas."


What is the reason that the former prime minister and former president of the country identifies Arben Rakip as the core of his problem.

It is almost an open secret that Altin Dumani and Arben Rakipi have an old acquaintance and friendship.

Even Dumani, when he was interviewed about the recruitment in the SPAK, openly admitted to the members of the KLP that only with the support of the former chief prosecutor Rakipi, he was able to discipline the Prosecutor's Office of Tropoja in 2000.

Dumani expressed: "After working for less than a year in the Saranda District Prosecutor's Office, where I had to investigate important issues for the time, since Saranda that year had problems, especially murders, where I carried out several successful investigations, I was appointed as the head of the Prosecutor's Office of the Tropoja Judicial District in January 2000, at a very difficult time. I had to rebuild that prosecutor from scratch, as it was almost non-existent. And thanks to the support of the General Prosecutor of the time, it was possible to reinstate that prosecutor and put him back to work."

Ilir Meta knows this almost public fable, but his obsession and perhaps his fear of Arben Rakip is related to two elements that do not directly affect Duman.

The first element has to do with the professional staff and especially the unusual character of Arben Rakip.

Arben Rakipi is professionally a scientist of jurisprudence. But he is also armed with an unpredictable character.

Unlike the vast majority of lawyers whom Meta has seen as servants and waiters, Arben Rakipi has never humbled himself before any politician.

Even in his worst days after his dismissal as Chief Prosecutor, he alone faced the humiliation and sometimes even public discrimination from the "crocodiles" he had once investigated.

Rakipi was locked in his cave for years. He did not extend his hand to anyone, an elementary but also very clear indication that this man does not back down.

The second element is related to the credo and reputation of Arben Rakip in the structures, mainly American, that supervise the reform in justice.

Experts from OPDAT or the executive office at the US Embassy label Rakip with the nickname "tough guy".

Rakip's reasoning and professional skills have been decisive in many of the initiatives that international institutions have undertaken in the field of laws.

Aben Rakipi should definitely have an influence on Altin Dumani, but this is not a conjunctural influence, but an influence of his moral authority and his professional background.

This makes it many times more "dangerous" than if there was an alla-Albanian influence of taraf and narrow interests.

Precisely knowing these elements and these unusual characteristics of Arbën Rakip's character and attitude, Ilir Meta apparently has reason to feel worried and this is probably the reason he mentions him as the brain of the investigative operation against him, since Ilir Meta the information of yes, he knows that this category does not make you an easy man.  /Hashtag.al


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