Behind the scenes of the resignation, Braimllari: He attacked my family, I did not cooperate with Veliaj

2024-04-22 23:34:36 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Behind the scenes of the resignation, Braimllari: He attacked my family, I did
Endrit Braimllari, former deputy chairman, was among the first to choose to resign, amid tensions that have arisen within the Freedom Party, with Ilir Meta very harsh about what is happening in the party he founded.

Invited to A2 CNN, Braimllari revealed the reason why he resigned. According to him, it was all a step back in order not to repeat the same scenario as in the Democratic Party.

" I took a few steps back because I considered it reasonable that I should act like that to de-escalate the situation within the party, because I believe that the energy should go against the government and not within the party, considering what has happened to the DP since 2 years ago with an internal debate, which only served Rama and not the strengthening of the opposition, I did not want to do the same thing again" , Baraimllari said.

He added that the resignation was not requested by Ilir Meta.

"Ilir Meta did not ask me to resign, characters who are close to the party leader do not deal with misgovernment, but with Endrit Braimllari. To think otherwise is not treason. My family members attacked me . Who? The one who is leading the action", he added.

Serious accusations have been made against him, and while Meta talks about "treason", "flirt with the government" or "bugs", Braimllari says that there is nothing true in these statements. He stated that he did not cooperate with Engjëll Agac or Erion Veliaj, as he has been accused.

" If Endrit Braimllari is accused of being an accomplice of Engjëll Agac or Erjon Velija, bring out the facts. I did not cooperate, zero, zero cooperation and time will be the best witness, I am a political product of LSI, I do not betray the ideals of LSI", he said.

" Ilir Meta may be right about the issue of the organization of the Party, and if it was only this thing and I would be the first to resign, but I think that in a political action one is not responsible for only one person. May 14 is not only mine, I don't allow mud to be thrown on my political commitment", added Braimllari.

However, he has a message for his critics within the party.

" Some thought that I ran away from PL, I didn't, those who rejoice are very wrong. I am not for this operation", concluded Braimllari.