Why doesn't Ilir Metaj just have it with Altin Dumani?

2024-04-17 12:25:25 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Why doesn't Ilir Metaj just have it with Altin Dumani?

The files he has in the Special Prosecutor's Office have caused Ilir Metaj to launch attacks on the head of SPAK, Altin Duman. 

But today the leader of PL crossed every red line with the accusations and insults made against Duman.

"I am telling Dumduan, you have also brought people to fill my mind to run away from Albania. Why do you care about me, you track down my mother-in-law to take my family hostage, you think you're going to take PL hostage so I can take it to that rascal.

Ilir Meta from prison will melt that criminal cell, palazzo, come on TV with me since you have decided to get involved in politics, how do you speak on behalf of SPAK' ' said Iliri.

Yes, this is not the first time that Ilir Metaj stumbles every time he is brought before the law or the rule of law is demanded.

We start with the clashes he had with ex-ambassador Yuri Kim, who asked him to give up threats and incitement to violence before the elections.

In 2021, invited to the Syri TV studio, at one point Metaj interrupted the conversation with journalists and when asked who he was talking to, the head of PL said it was Ambassador Yuri Kim.

"Now live, Ambassador Yuri Kim just wrote to me, not to mention the forks. I tell the American Ambassador live not to defend Edi Rama anymore"  - said Metaj in high tones.

A few minutes later, the American ambassador published a comment on Twitter.

"It is unacceptable for anyone who threatens that citizens will take the "forks" on April 25 or if they don't like the election results. These threats deserve punishment. Those who incite violence will be held accountable for the results of their words and actions. Stop,"  Kim wrote.

That was enough for Metaj to issue a series of accusations against the LIVE ambassador.

"Since he sent me a live sms, I tell the American Ambassador not to support Edi Rama anymore. Since I am transparent, I am also telling you a fact that the American Ambassador asked me as President, one day before the KED meeting, to accept Adrian Dvorani. She asked for this not in the name of America, but in the name of Edi Rama.

I hug the American ambassador and say no to meddling in Albania's internal affairs in this one-sided way. She called me and asked me not to publish a letter about Dvoran and to re-appoint him to KED and told me that "we know some things about you".

I immediately went out and took out the paper and told her to take out what she had for me. I told him clearly. Madam, you are here for the relations between Albania and America, not Serbia and America. Do not continue to support Edi Rama."  - said Metaj in high tones.

Another strong public clash between Metaj is with the former American ambassador Donald Lu, who called on him not to obstruct and not to create machinations against appointments in the Judicial Appointments Council.

"Lu Came 10 days ago to apologize to me. I was caught by Arta Daden. There was a letter from me to the American institutions, about his irresponsible behavior, and in the end he said that the socialists lied to me,'' Metaj declared at the time.

President Metaj has directly attacked the former Italian representative Alberto Cutillo , who was the first to publicly throw the idea of ​​involving the Venice Commission to resolve the conflict over the appointments of members of the Constitutional Court.

According to Metaj, "the smoke of Venice that was released at the behest of Rama, the fugitive Ambassador of Agac a few days ago, is the latest shame of the structured diplomatic group in Tirana, complicit in the systematic violation of the Justice Reform and with the aim of capturing it complete from the Monist Regime of Edi Rama" .

In 2019, in the OPEN studio, Metaj stated that some foreign ambassadors in our country have become Edi Rama's rags. 

"Some diplomats have become like Edi Rama's rags. Not only have they become partners, but they are Rama's only excuse for his failures. Non-grata for Borchard to show the limit to these diplomats who question the decrees of the president. " he said on the show "Open" on Top Channel.

It was Ilir Metaj who declared the OSCE ambassador non grata in the Presidency, after he questioned his decree for the 2019 local elections.

In November 2019, Meta directed the attack from the former EU ambassador in Tirana, Luigi Soreca, whom he considered responsible for the situation with the constitutional court.

"I don't need Soreca to support me. "Ambassadors should give up lobbying, they are damaging their countries. They have given Rama the idea that they can do everything. There was a strong lobbying to give all the justice to Edi Rama," said Meta.

Also, in May 2020, Meta declared from the studio of the show Opinion that the EU and US missions in Tirana, Euralius and OPDAT, work with the orders of Edi Rama, to boycott the president of the republic, regarding the appointments to the KED. 

And as you can see when Ilir Metaj starts shouting, his problem lies somewhere else and not with the people he attacks . / Alfapress.al


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