Radicalization/ Belind Kelliçi: We can even set fire to this parliament!

2024-02-26 22:42:07 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Radicalization/ Belind Kelliçi: We can even set fire to this parliament!
Setting the parliament on fire, testing in the Assembly hall, hunger strike! These are some of the scenarios that the reestablishment is discussing. What is certain so far is that the re-establishment will radicalize its action. 

On the other hand, invited to the Afternoon Diary on A2 CNN with journalist Bruna Çifligu, Këlliçi stopped talking about the Criminal Amnesty or even the Electoral Reform, which have once again become a "bone of contention", with the Nazis, but also the other side of Democratic Party.

Belind Kelliç on A2 CNN stated that the re-establishment has a plan for the radicalization of the opposition action. He also showed some of the scenarios that are being discussed.

" Something has been achieved with the deadlock, I am no longer a citizen that the parliament is in an impasse and that today the SP appoints you to the opposition and who is the leader of the DP. If we withdraw, it will either mean that we have done propaganda so far, or we will not be allowed to do the work. The idea of ​​radicalization of the opposition action is being discussed, the idea of ​​a trial, of a stronger protest is being discussed. Parliament can also be set on fire, it has happened everywhere in the world, there are different forms of civil disobedience to make citizens and internationals aware" , said Këlliçi.

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