Rama gives the news: Soon in Albania the academy of...

2024-04-17 12:49:22 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Rama gives the news: Soon in Albania the academy of...

Prime Minister Edi Rama participated this Wednesday in the ceremony held for the presentation of the Manchester City Football Academy campus project in Durrës.

In his speech, Rama said that the new football academy in Durrës will serve as a gathering point for talented football children, not only from all over Albania, but from the entire region.

" The main thing at this point is for the Federation to promote this project and help all the clubs in Albania and the region to turn their eyes and knock on the hands of this academy, where we want to gather the cream of the talent that this country has , from an early age, in this sport, which is the most popular sport in the world", said Rama.

Rama also announced that local and central authorities are in talks with Rafael Nadal's tennis academy to bring it to Durrës as well.

" All that area will turn from a former swamp into a very attractive area in many aspects, I really hope that as we were successful with Manchester City's academy, we will also be successful with Rafael Nadal's academy, to bring him to Durrës and for continue with other projects and ideas that until yesterday seemed unimaginable. Today, Albania is no longer what it was until yesterday, when foreigners heard about it, ghosts of fear and insecurity appeared before them", said Rama.


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