The report of "Freedom House" hit the government, canceled the rhetoric of the Reestablishment, gave the DP the right


The report of "Freedom House" hit the government, canceled the
By Namir Lapardhaja

The organization "Freedom House", which reports and monitors freedom and democracy throughout the world, published on Thursday its report on the Region, where Albania also had a special place.

Although the daily politics has entered a paradoxical impasse, where the Reestablishment group in the morning pretends to protest against the government, while in the afternoon it sits edge to edge and bargains to hold its ranks and not let the system fall, the government is caught in the circle of corruption, where every day a senior official falls into the Duman's net, Tirana Municipality, as the most important local institution, is on the verge of capitulating to SPAK, while the official PD follows its slow path, but sure, to wait for the whole "playing field" to be cleared and the whole political reality to be configured, there is a watchful eye there in Washington that monitors and sees how everything develops, giving occasional "bumps" ”, for the purpose of reflection and clarification.

In addition to the general elements of the "Freedom House" report, it hit the government hard, undid the rhetoric of the Re-establishment and justified the Democratic Party in its concerns.

First, in contrast to what the rhetoric and propaganda tries to portray as a government and prime minister liked by Americans and Europeans, the report established an authoritarian and corrupt government that does not stay in power as a result of popular consent and the merit of her work, but she has consolidated power even more "using the disunity and conflict of the opposition". Under conditions of another opposition, in partnership with the USA and clear in the fight against corruption and excluding from its ranks those designated as "Non grata", we certainly would not have this government. Practically, the conflict in the ranks of the opposition keeps the government in power.

Secondly, it dispelled the idea of ​​the rhetoric of the Reestablishment group and its representatives, that SPAK, by order of the government, "is keeping the leader of the opposition under house arrest". To see what the concept is for opposition leaders in autocratic regimes, just look at Freedom House's reports on the death in prison of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, their reactions and concerns about repression and the level of democracy. As for the Albanian "leader of the opposition" not only is there not half a word in this regard, but it is exactly the opposite. Berisha is not marked as a prisoner of the Rama regime, but "his political wing has turned into a violent group, which seems to want to destabilize the country". He and the government even buy oppositionists and journalists to misinform the public opinion with rhetoric and propaganda that are only interested in personal agendas.

Thirdly, the report justified the daily concern of the Democratic Party of Albania regarding the "increasing disinformation campaign by some portals and by high political figures in the government and in the opposition to discredit the work of SPAK". In fact, the report seems to have done nothing but take the DP's denunciations and concerns regarding the alliance that Reestablishment and the government have made to undo and attack the Special Prosecutor's Office. As he mentioned that "it is vital for democracy in Albania to remove corrupt politicians from their ranks", which seems to be an adapted translation of the arguments of the official DP to separate from "Non Grata" and all those investigated and convicted for corruption.

Of course, the "Freedom House" report cannot undo the Albanian reality, but it is a letter calling for an independent and impartial eye to clarify and weigh on whose side is the right and the truth in this country, despite conflict and annihilating rhetoric, which is kept alive by the proceeds of 34-year-old corruption.


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