Electoral reform towards failure! July 1 is the deadline, but the parties do not have an agreement on the draft law

2024-06-22 23:23:16 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Electoral reform towards failure! July 1 is the deadline, but the parties do not

July 1 is the deadline that the socialists and democrats set for themselves to submit to the Parliament the draft law for changing the electoral code, but as the days are running all the deadlines that the parties set for themselves have been burned and the product is zero.

"We haven't met for about a month since we had a debate between PD-SP because SP doesn't accept the demands of the opposition", said Dhurata Çupi.

The rightists blame the leftist colleagues who have closed the door to every desire of the opposition. The most important is the amendment to the Constitution that paves the way for the return of pre-election coalitions with a composite list.

"The SP does not accept the agreement of June 5, agreed and accepted by the internationals. It does not allow coalitions composed where each party has its own votes and the vote of the Albanians is counted as an equal vote", said Çupi.

The Diaspora vote seems a mission impossible although the CEC offered a compromise formula by taking over their online registration.

"Meanwhile, the SP seeks through filters to prevent free voting because through free voting it does not control their vote", said Çupi.

But, in the conditions where the dialogue has remained suspended, should the democrats condition the participation in the commissions set up only with the votes of the majority with the electoral reform?

"DP has priorities, I wouldn't say conditions, and without electoral reform, without standards and free and fair elections, this other priority for DP cannot be achieved", said Çupi.

The Democrat deputy is cautious and does not speak of failure, but warns of a political decision-making by the PD parliamentary group in the absence of a consensus between the parties.