The confession of the friend of Meta and Kryemadhi: The competition between the two destroyed the marriage

2024-06-24 22:19:54 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

The confession of the friend of Meta and Kryemadhi: The competition between the
Pedagogue Nora Malaj, invited to "Top Story" tonight, talked about the sensational divorce between the Meta-Kryemadhi couple.

According to her, what destroyed the 26-year-old marriage was precisely the political race, while she called it a "blow" to Monika's mother.

Nora Malaj: In this family complementation, wanting to complement, they changed the traditional family model, introducing politics. This is where the strong race approach comes in. There were competitions due to the fact that both of them have a political profession, at a moment when Monika raised her children and the moment came when she was entrusted with several positions up to party leader, she was selected because she competed and it was achieved. A very strong element of competition entered her subconscious.

Why did Meta release Kryemadhi?

Malay: I have the impression that it is a question for collaborators, not for a partner. They are two strong identities. In the party, not everyone thinks alike, and when it comes down to it, decision-making is decided by the group

Why didn't he forgive and let his wife go?

Malay: LSI and PL have been seen, if you look at it, LSI was born from the womb of SP, but unlike SP, it came out as an extrauterine birth that neither SP nor the other parties wanted. Everyone wanted to use it and it was used. Strategically, the ruling party had a confirmed strategy. This party had two leaderships, this was a blow under the belt. I am a friend of both of them, it is a difficult moment for both of them. These two people got into people's mouths, Meta says I respect Monika a lot, but the divorce is political and this is the biggest pain, you have to leave politically so that this party doesn't work anymore and you get hit where it hurts the most many, to the family./Top Channel

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