Berisha's scheme/"Chairmanship members for all", the formula for the fusion of Bardhi's group within Reestablishment is clarified

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Berisha's scheme/"Chairmanship members for all", the formula for

From Tuesday, Gaz Bardhi will once again be part of the leadership structures of Reestablishment.

According to sources, with the statutory changes that are expected to be approved in the National Council, Bardhi and Agron Gjekmarkaj will take the post of vice-presidents, due to the positions held by the group president and the vice-president of the Assembly.

Week of " fire " for Berisha, a private expert act, " war " for freedom in the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court

The leadership structure will include the vice president of the Reestablishment group, Ervin Salianji, and the presidents and vice presidents of the Parliamentary Committees in the Assembly.

According to sources, all supporters of Berisha-Bardhi are not expected to be voted either in the Presidency or in the National Council, but will become part of the forums due to the positions they hold in their united group and in the Assembly.

Changes in the Reestablishment statute :

Article 51

Party vice presidents

1. PDSH has two vice-presidents (Four vice-presidents) who are elected according to the provisions of this Statute.

2. One of the vice presidents is the president of the Parliamentary Group.

Article 47

Party leadership

1. The Presidency of the Party is led by the President of the Party and consists of:

a) Chairman of the Party;

b) The two vice-presidents of the Party, (Four vice-presidents of the Party)

c) General Secretary;

d) Chairman of the National Council;

e) Twenty members elected by secret ballot by the National Council, according to a list approved by the Party Presidency on the proposal of the Party Chairman or candidacies supported by no less than 15% of the members of the National Council. No less than 30% of the elected members of the Presidency must be from the less represented gender.

2. The member of the Presidency cannot hold a mandate other than those provided for in letters a), b), c) and d) of point 1 of this article.

(The point is added that members of the presidency are the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the Parliamentary Committees)

The new members of the Presidency of the Democratic Party of Reestablishment

1. Gazment Bardhi – Chairman of the Parliamentary Group

2. Ervin Salianji – Vice President of the Parliamentary Group

3. Agron Gjekmarkaj – Deputy Speaker of the Assembly

4. Zheni Gjergji - (President, Health Commission)

5. Dhurata Çupi - (Vice President, Committee for Labor, Social Affairs and Health)

6. Helidon Bushati - (Deputy Chairman, Commission for Production Activities, Trade and Environment)

7. Tomorr Alizoti – (Deputy Chairman, Committee for Foreign Policy)

8. Ferdidant Xhaferri – (Deputy Chairman, Commission for National Security)

9. Jorida Tabaku – (President, Commission for European Affairs)


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