Fees for street parking/ Head of PD, Durrës: The public hearing was insufficient, the citizens were not informed!

2024-05-28 22:22:46 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Fees for street parking/ Head of PD, Durrës: The public hearing was
The head of the PD branch, Durrës, Jonuz Myshketa, has reacted to the public hearing held in the Municipal Council hall, regarding the application of parking fees on some road axes of the city.

Myshketa states that the hearing was insufficient as the participation was very low and this is due to the fact that the citizens were not informed about the public consultation. The DP advisor also says that a second hearing should be organized and all means of public information should be used and that this problem be addressed in all its aspects.

The full post of the head of the DP, Durrës, Jonuz Myshketa:

Dear friends and citizens of Durrës!
Today, May 27, 2024 at 14:00 in the hall of the Durrës Municipal Council, a public hearing was held regarding the initiative undertaken by the Durrës Municipality for the application of fees of 100 lek per hour and 40 lek per hour for parking on some road axes in areas A. and B and the application of parking fees in some squares.

Hearing that in our opinion as the Municipal Councilor of the Democratic Party was insufficient.

Another hearing should be held on a larger scale where the participation is greater and where we request that all the necessary and necessary means of public notification be used:

Through visual media;
Print media;
Through an information board installed in front of the Municipality;
Social networks for such a sensitive topic for all of us.

Our opinion is and will remain that traffic and parking in the city are an issue that requires an immediate solution due to the serious situation where they are located and this cannot be solved by immediately moving to such initiatives without first finding the alternatives, without an analysis accurate about the effects that the initiative gives in its solution and its profitability for the municipality's coffers without overlooking at any moment the weight in the citizens' pockets.

The traffic is primarily due to the lack of a public transport service that continues to be in unacceptable conditions and with limited hours, especially during the summer season.

Overcrowding of areas with constructions where the parking spaces are insufficient for the residents in the concept.
The lack of underground or above-ground public parking, the building at the train station is insufficient.

The lack of bicycle lanes that do not exist in Durrës leads to an increased use of cars and traffic congestion.
Therefore, we suggest that the problems of urban and interurban public transport be fixed first before going to the paid parking fees.

They cannot face the fact that the citizens have been charged against the fees with the claim that it is being done better for them when the consequence of the situation we are in comes precisely from this bad administration of the city.

It is also unclear if, after the application of these payments by the Citizens, this Business Fee will be removed from the local taxes that, although they pay all year, very few of them find parking spaces near the places where they carry out activities.

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