"Increase the number of investigators", Basha: Next week we will submit to the Assembly the amendment for the support of SPAK-BKH

2024-04-13 11:34:22 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

"Increase the number of investigators", Basha: Next week we will
The head of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, declared that next week they will file a pro-SPAK-BKH amendment, for the support of this structure to fight corruption.

He said that one of DP's proposals is to increase the number of case investigators in SPAK by 15%.

" The government and the majority of this government, not only have not taken any step to help, facilitate and develop the potential, investigative capacities of SPAK and BKH, but at a time when during the day they pretend to be in support of justice, at night they use the resources of this sector. This government is in a panic against SPAK, it is openly cooperating with the contingent of the corrupt, declared non-grata, or related to organized crime. Next week, the DP will submit an effective initiative to SPAK and BKH, which will be submitted to the Assembly. This pro-Spak package is not a counter to the offensive of Rama, Meta, or Berisha, it is above all a fulfillment of our commitment to the justice system. 4 will be the main areas of legal interventions and other decisions. The first concerns the relevant amendments to the state budget for human resources made by SPAK. We will request sufficient funds to increase the number of investigators by 15% ," said Basha.