Beef and Garlic

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Beef and Garlic

The aroma of freshly cooked food is among the best of the house lovers.

Preparing different recipes meal after meal, in addition to gathering families around the table, also gives a lot of taste.

Dishes of meat cooked with spices or vegetables are among the favourites.

Such is today's recipe from, beef prepared in a pan with garlic will please you with good taste and aroma.

Although with very few ingredients, this dish requires special care in preparation in order to enjoy it properly.

With just a few small tips you will have it on your tables, to please the whole family.

Follow below step by step the exact way to prepare this wonderful dish.

560 g lean beef

1 tablespoon of olive oil

3 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon of black pepper

2 teaspoons of unsalted butter

1 bunch of parsley

1 teaspoon of salt


To start with the preparation of this recipe, advises you to start with marinating the meat.

Cut it first into small pieces of 2-3 cm each and put them in a deep container.

Add olive oil, finely chopped garlic, salt and black pepper.

Mix all these ingredients well and leave them together for at least 15 minutes.

You can also marinate the day before and store the meat in the refrigerator for more flavor.

Next, place a pan on medium-high heat and add a little water to get the pan hot enough.

When the water has completely evaporated, immediately add the meat and let it fry on one side for 3 minutes.

Then turn all the pieces and let them fry for another 2 minutes, until you see that the meat is done.

To get well-cooked meat, just leave the pieces in the pan for one more minute.

At the end, add the butter, let it melt a little in the meat, mix carefully for 30 seconds and remove the pan from the heat.

Finely chop the parsley and add it on top of your meat and then you can serve it immediately.

If desired, you can accompany it with different sauces, some rice or green salad.







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