Salty Pancakes with Few Ingredients

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Salty Pancakes with Few Ingredients

Pancakes are a good start to any morning or a tasty end to any day.

So you can prepare and enjoy them at any time, especially when you can cook them quickly and with very few ingredients.

In this recipe, shows you the recipe for salty and soft pancakes.

Follow below the exact way to prepare them and enjoy them all at your homes.

500 g flour
500 ml water
3.5 g dry brewer's yeast
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon salt
Frying oil
To start preparing these pancakes, AgroWeb advises you to add all the ingredients to a deep container.

So, to begin with, flour, brewer's yeast, sugar, salt and water little by little while stirring.

Thin, classic pancake batter will form, taking care not to form lumps.

When it is ready, leave it for an hour so that it swells.

In the meantime, put a deep frying pan filled with sunflower oil on the fire so that it warms up a little and fry your pancakes.

Then take the pancake batter you prepared and two tbsp.

Spoon the dough mixture one by one into the oil to fry the first pancakes.

With the other spoon you can push your pancakes into the oil and turn them after they are fried.

Depending on the pan, you will fry several small pancakes at once and in a few minutes you will have finished the entire preparation process.

For each of them, you will need 3-4 minutes of frying until they start to turn golden.

When you see that they are fried, take them out of the oil, drain them on a paper and then serve them adding other ingredients according to your wish.


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