Tiramisu with chocolate cream

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Tiramisu with chocolate cream

Full of flavor and very easy to prepare, this dessert has become one of the most popular.

In today's article, Alfapress.al shows you the special recipe for tiramisu with chocolate, but without eggs.

Please your family members with this perfect dessert, carefully following the steps that Alfapress.al shows you below.


500 g of mascarpone

150 gr hazelnut cream (chocolate cream)

200 grams of whipped cream

300 g savoiardi biscuits

350 g of espresso or mocha coffee

50 g cold water


Start this recipe by preparing the coffee first. Once ready, mix with cold water and set aside.

Now mix the mascarpone with the chocolate cream in a bowl.

Process this mixture with an electric hand beater until the ingredients are well combined with each other, and the cream becomes as soft as possible.

Then add the paneer and process the mass again with the electric beater.

Pour a portion of the amount of cream that you prepared into a 21cm x 21cm pan.

Continue by dipping the cookies in the coffee and layering them in the pan.

Cover the cookies with cream and place another layer of cookies dipped in coffee and covered with cream.

Finish by smoothing the surface with a spatula and decorating the tiramisu with chocolate cream using a pastry cone.

Let it rest in the fridge for an hour and then you can eat it.



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