'I went out by car'/ Jul Deda 'explodes' at Egla: Break the black envelope

2024-05-28 22:56:31 / SHOWBIZ ALFA PRESS

'I went out by car'/ Jul Deda 'explodes' at Egla: Break the
Jul Deda clashed with Egla Ceno in the 'post Big Brother', claiming that she won from the White House. Juli said she 'drove through the Paris Commune' and the comeback brought her fame (recall Iconstyle's exclusive news).

Egla denied it, saying that it was up to the psychologist's office to perform the psychological tests before she was isolated in the white room.

Conversation :

Ori: This BB started with a strong Ilnia but softened along the way. Up to the point of the white room, Ilnisa ​​was the antagonist and Egla came out on the more positive pole. The white game, Egla was still the victim in the sense that she was being attacked and was trying to defend herself because the attack was aggressive.

Juli: Egla, until the moment she asked the girls to help her get into the pair of roosters, came as a spark for a third pole. I think those two ghost days that the public didn't know what was happening to him, he took the car and ran away

Egla: They took me to the psychologist's office and put me in the white room.

Juli: Eglan factored the white House.

Ori: She was the only one who taught Tiktok with her expression.

Juli: The black envelope with both legs is devalued, Claude Duro is disqualified, Egla is disqualified, her video makes a splash in the Paris Commune, it is factored. I told him, they have factored you, they are giving it with difficulty. The white room gave it, what I found Big Brother gave it. You were not preferred, 2 times.


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