"Journalists are tired of Luana Vjollca's silicone"/ Rike's famous photo, Mane: I saw three Albanians who wanted to copy it, they were writhing but...

2024-06-22 22:23:50 / SHOWBIZ ALFA PRESS

"Journalists are tired of Luana Vjollca's silicone"/ Rike's

Journalist Bled Mane, during the direct link for Top Arena, said that during the match between Albania and Croatia, none of the Albanian girls who were in the stadium attracted the attention of foreign reporters.

Bringing Rike's photo to attention, he said that once upon a time, other showbiz girls tried to copy her but failed.

"I wanted to remember that famous picture of Rike. In the meantime, I'm telling a little story in Hamburg during the match with Croatia. In the break of the first half, I saw some schemes that worried me a lot.

I saw three Albanian girls trying to imitate Rika, but they did not attract the attention of foreign photojournalists.

I saw Luana Vjollca squirming, Hygerta Sako who didn't squirm, the Kosovar Muren who squirmed and they didn't attract attention. Photo-reporters are tired of silicone and want only bio", said Mane.





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