Heidi Baçi and Meriton Mjekiqi "head to head" in the nomination? The moderator proposes to the resident, this is what the competitor decided

2024-04-12 17:37:27 / SHOWBIZ ALFA PRESS

Heidi Baçi and Meriton Mjekiqi "head to head" in the
Today, Meriton Mjekiqi has asked Heidi Baci to go head-to-head with each other during the primetime of tomorrow evening (April 13), on "BBV".

"You are too obsessed," the resident told him, refusing to make a pact with the moderator.

As Meriton extended his hand to Heidi to accept his request, Romeo Veshaj said he was ready for him to appear in a "head-to-head" nomination with the resident, although the latter did not accept.

"Take men" - said Romeo, while the competitor said: "After this I will go out with you, I swear".

Excerpts from the conversation:

Meritoni: Why do you tell Heidi that you take out Meritoni, extend your hand and come out in the "head-to-head" nomination

Egla: What should I tell Heidi?

Meriton: Give Meriton your hand, take him out because you are stronger (Egla repeats after Meriton)

Egla: She is not stupid to do what others tell her

Meriton approaches and extends his hand to Heidi (Heidi laughs)

Heidi: You're so obsessed

Romeo: Deal with men

Meriton: After that I will go out with you, I swear

Romeo: Prove that the Albanian deals with men

Meriton: After that

Romeo: You are weak

Heidi: I'll give it another time


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