Depressed after a breakup? Ben Affleck returns to his old "vice".

2024-06-13 08:31:22 / SHOWBIZ ALFA PRESS

Depressed after a breakup? Ben Affleck returns to his old "vice".

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have recently returned to the headlines everywhere in various media for their "volatile" relationship.

The well-known couple got back together after a long separation, crowning it this time with marriage. It seems that their relationship has encountered problems again and there are rumors of a possible divorce.

The British DailyMail has devoted an article to the most famous showbiz couple, giving more details of their lives. Friends of Affleck have spoken indicating that he is in danger of returning to the "addiction" of drinking.

They have shown that recently their friend has been feeling very stressed, so they often see him drinking. Some of them also said that they have seen him in a serious condition from drinking, and they suspect that it may be a result of the breakdown of his relationship with JLO.

Lopez and Affleck are once again rumored for a possible divorce for reasons still unknown. Numerous allusions to their divorce have stirred the opinions of fans, one of them is that the divorce could be a ploy to shift the attention of the audience from the "decline" of the singer Lopez's career.

Others say that the couple does not find a common language because Lopez is very popular and wants to share her life with everyone, while Affleck is more private. Although he respects his wife's privacy, he still doesn't like the fact that she shares everything with her followers.


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