Bulqiza under the power of frost, temperatures drop to -7 degrees C

2023-02-03 11:53:29 / SOCIALE ALFA PRESS



The decrease in temperatures to minus 7 degrees C during last night and this morning has been accompanied by light snowfall and frost on all national and rural roads, making it difficult for vehicles to circulate in Bulqiza.

As a result of the frost, last night there was an accident in the place called "Pishat in Fushë Bulqizë", a "Golf" type vehicle went off the road where the driver of the vehicle was seriously injured and was urgently sent to the trauma hospital in Tirana .

The local police of Bulqiza calls on the drivers of vehicles to use winter tires, as well as the drivers of vehicles transporting miners to use chains, as there is snow on the roads leading to the chrome mines.

There are traffic difficulties due to the snow on the Arbër road bypass.


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