An agreement is reached with the midfielder, a Cameroonian "directing" for Skenderbeu

2024-07-11 11:10:36 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

An agreement is reached with the midfielder, a Cameroonian "directing"

Skanderbeg completes the midfield with another approach coming from Africa. The Korçars have reached an agreement with the Cameroonian organizer Banmasa Franklin Kamleu Lincoln, thus providing the necessary numbers and above all the quality in the midfield department.

The 20-year-old comes from the Cameroonian championship and is seen as a valuable player in terms of his young age and the qualities he has. Sources in the Korçar club indicate that Kamleu is a midfielder with strong features in the line of organization, being considered an indispensable "playmaker" for Skënderbeu's game.

In 2023, he managed to win with his team the Cup of Francophonie in Cameroon for the U-20 ages. It was at this moment that he caught the eye of the market scouts of the Korçar club, who have tried their best to have him as part of the team this season.

At the moment, the conditions under which the red-and-white club managed to obtain the services of the Cameroonian midfielder are not known, but what is learned from the newspaper is the fact that Skënderbeu has offered the player a four-year contract.

This is a data that shows that it is a question of a footballer with many expectations and very important in terms of management, with the Korcars claiming to secure significant finances in the future from this element.

In such conditions, it seems that for the moment the middle of the field at Skënderbeu is complete with duplicated roles, bringing full guarantee for coach Ivan Gvozdenović.

With Kamleu, Rabiu and captain Liço, as well as with other quality alternatives such as Pecani, Juri and Krasniqi, the Korçars have completely built this department that was affected by several important departures.

APPROACHES - Six young players have managed to approach Skënderbeu up to this point in the market.

Football players who can officially be called part of Korčari after they have managed to sign a contract with the red and white club.

It is precisely about the Colombian defender Luis Vasques, to follow behind with the midfielders Franklin Kamleu and Krasniqi. While in attack, Grezda and Bismark are the new approaches.

Without forgetting the goalkeeper Rroku who comes from Kukësi as an alternative for Marko Alia.

In addition to these approaches, the Korcars have another two footballers on trial that they are watching closely to decide their future after being tested by Ivan Gvozdenovic and his staff.


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