Dinamo, Dritan Mehmeti finds the "culprit" of the loss: Excessive euphoria leads to mistakes

2024-02-27 00:01:39 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Dinamo, Dritan Mehmeti finds the "culprit" of the loss: Excessive
Dinamo was defeated by Vllaznia in the valid match for the 25th week of "Abissnet Superiore". The challenge, which took place at the "Niko Dovana" stadium, ended with a 0-1 victory for Shkodran.

After this challenge, Dinamo coach Dritan Mehmeti spoke.

"I'm sorry, but this is football. It's unpredictable, that's why it's beautiful. In the first 25 minutes we should have been more careful. However, it was the merit of the Vllaznia player who scored a Eurogoal. I congratulate all the players for the mentality they showed today. The only thing I regret today is that great euphoria leads to error. We definitely need to calm down and think as we have a very strong match in 3 days. We have to be careful with the cards as well, football is like that and we will watch the next match", said Mehmeti first.

What would you do differently in this challenge?

"Up until the moment we conceded the goal, we dominated. We searched from the side lines, but also the central ones. The team had overconfidence and then a psychological cramp from conceding the goal. In the second half, I think the only thing we could do was keep calm and look for the goal logically. But in the last pass and the calmness in front of the goal, we should have been better. Vila, Denisson, Zabërgja and twice Kaçorri... we should have been calmer. Great desire leads to error.”

Tirana's draw eases the pain of the loss?

"I think that not only Tirana, but also Laçi with Skënderbeu are close to the Final Four. As we have benefited, so have they. We have to be calm and think about the next game. We must be in psychomotor balance. This is football, you concede a goal, but you need mental strength to win the game. We have to be more calm and watch the games throughout the 90 minutes."

Only 1 replacement, Head. You don't have the right players on the bench or the starters were playing well?

"When you're dominant throughout the game in the second half, I think the only intervention was to save Andon as he had muscle load. When the team is working you can't interfere. The team was in the right rhythm. In terms of calm and mental we need to be calmer."

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