Euro 2024/ Spectacular goals, Turkey gets its first victory

2024-06-18 20:08:41 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Euro 2024/ Spectacular goals, Turkey gets its first victory
Turkey and Georgia met in Dortmund, in the first valuable meeting for Group F, a challenge where the Turks won with the result 3-1.

The first half was even. It was the Turks who started the match faster and thanks to the pressure exerted, they scored the lead goal through Muldur, in the 25th minute. After two minutes from the first goal, the Turks scored again with Juventus Yildiz, but it was VAR that canceled everything due to the irregular position.

The Georgians reacted immediately, finding the equalizer 7 minutes later from Mikautadze's side. Even in terms of the game, the Georgians set the balance, causing the first faction to close in balance.

In the second half, it was Montella's team that took control of the game again, putting the opposing team under pressure. To add weight to the joy of the many Turkish fans present in Dortmund, it took a gem from the Real Madrid footballer, Arda Guler, who from outside the area, gave "a magic" with his left.

Turkey managed the result quite well, despite the efforts of the Georgian team. In the last seconds, after a counterattack, it was Akturkoglu, who took advantage of the goalkeeper's exit to push the ball straight into the net with an empty goal and set the final score at 3-1, thus taking the first victory in this European tournament.