EURO 2024/ Fan tour in Germany, Albania triumphs in the final against the locals and wins the special cup

2024-06-22 21:04:38 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

EURO 2024/ Fan tour in Germany, Albania triumphs in the final against the locals

The Albanian national football team is part of the finals of the "Germany 2024" European Championship, as it has so far played two of the three challenges in group B and will play the third match against Spain on Monday.

So, apart from the final matches of the European Championship, which has attracted the attention of fans all over the world, a tournament for football fans was organized today in Frankfurt, Germany by UEFA and the German Football Federation, where 8 teams from Europe participated, among Albania too.

The Directorate of Amateur Football in the FSF, in cooperation with some Albanian fans, created the team of Albanian fans, which participated in this 9×9 format tournament. In the group of Albania, the draw also determined the teams of England, Italy and Ukraine.

In the matches played in this group, the Reds and Blacks triumphed in all three challenges, winning 4-0 against Italy, defeating Ukraine 2-0 and triumphing with a clean score of 3-0 against England.

In the semi-finals of this historic tournament held at the premises of the German Football Federation in Germany, Albania defeated Scotland with a score of 4-0, thus securing the grand final against the host country, Germany.

A very exciting final and well fought by both our red and blacks and Germany. The match was only unlocked in the last three minutes by Albania, with the red and blacks scoring three goals one after the other.

With this victory, the Albanian fan team, newly created this year, managed to get a cup, the first in history of its kind. The players who wrote history for Albania in this tournament were: Shiqeri Alili, Naser Ilazi, Fatlum Ahmeti, Resul Ahmeti, Arton Tolaj, Shkelqim Hyseni, Astrit Hyseni, Sherif Krasniqi, Ilir Iberdemaj, Bujar Idrizi, Leonit Nuraj./SuperSport

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