Flagman continues with the purges, here are the four players who do not renew for the new season

2024-07-11 13:12:59 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Flagman continues with the purges, here are the four players who do not renew

At least 12 players who contributed in the last season in Vlora will be called away from Flamurtari. For various reasons, the club or even they themselves have not agreed to renew the contract, to stay at least one more season in Vlora.

As soon as the season ended, the club gave a "hand" to some players, who, according to the managers, had gone beyond expectations and had walked on the field more than they had "fought". And while it was known that Sebastian La Torre, Antoni Beji, Gustavo Benjumea and Marko Krivičič would leave due to the failure of the season, but also personal ones, some other players were surprised by their departure. Among them were Indio Oliveira, Erlis Frashëri and Aldo Teqja. It is learned that they asked for a salary increase, as confirmed by sources close to the club, but that this request was not met by the managers due to going beyond the target. The list of departures is expected to be even longer than that. Some other footballers seem to have gone beyond expectations at the club.

RECENT DEPARTURES - Even though he returned to Vlora after 6 years and would stay for at least 2 seasons, the club has decided to terminate cooperation with Lancinet Sidibe. Sources close to the club tell "Panorama Sport" that the contract with the 27-year-old from Guinea has been broken and that he is no longer in Flamurtari's plans. The reasons why he left are unknown. And while the training sessions have started, the absence of four other players is noticed. Behar Ramadani, Ermal Vitija, Erjon Vucaj and Fjoralb Deliaj have not joined the group in training. Sources close to the club say that the roads can be called separate with Ramadan and Kosovar Vitija, or even with Erion Vucaj. While with Fjoralb Deliajn, the termination of cooperation has not yet been confirmed. It remains to be seen in the coming days if any of those who left will return, although there is very little chance of that happening.


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