Now in Italy, Fabregas is looking for him in Serie A

2024-05-28 22:38:17 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Now in Italy, Fabregas is looking for him in Serie A
Rei Manaj will say goodbye to Sivaspor this summer, but apparently, also to Turkish football. There have been no shortage of offers for the player, as the managers of this club have explained, while recently a very interesting one has appeared on the scene.

"Aksam" announces that Manaj's name has ended up on the radars of the newly added Serie A club, Komo. The club, which owns two well-known names in world football such as Cesc Fabregas and Thierry Henry, is looking to build a competitive team in Italy for the first edition in the elite where it aims for survival, as it sees Manaj as a player who can help it to this objective.

It is reported that Manaj is ready to return to Italy, where he played in the elite championship with the shirt of Pescara and Specia, without forgetting the short experience with Inter. He has always expressed his desire to return to Italy and the two legends of world football seem ready to fulfill that wish.


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