The last match/ Ukrainian media accused UEFA of favoring Italy

2023-11-21 10:29:23 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

The last match/ Ukrainian media accused UEFA of favoring Italy

Strong accusations from the Ukrainian media after the failure of the representative of this country to defeat Italy in the last round group match.

Controversy has erupted over an allegedly missed 11-meter penalty at the end of the challenge after a tackle on Mudryk.

In "", one of the main sports newspapers of the country, a paragraph is read that refers to the words of Aleksandr Ceferin, who in October described Italy as "very important" not to qualify for Euro 2024.

"There was a reaction for a penalty after Mudryk fell, but the referee did not react. He didn't even bother to look at the footage in the VAR system - reads the article -. In the end, Ceferini's dream came true: Italy qualified for the European Championship thanks to a 0-0 draw."

Even the coach of Ukraine, Rebrov, was convinced that the referee should have signaled for 11-m.

"For me, Cristante's foul against Mudryk was obvious, but there is VAR and we are not the ones who decide. The referee on the field was not called to verify what happened. For me it was a penalty, but VAR didn't take it into account. The referee should have been called in front of the screen.

It was a tough match from the start. In the first half we worked mainly in the defensive phase, while in the second half we started to apply pressure. The boys in the dressing room were sad, I talked to them, but we played a good match".