"The match against Croatia will be something else", Buffon: We talk differently after the match

2024-06-21 23:43:30 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

"The match against Croatia will be something else", Buffon: We talk
After the defeat to Spain, Italy must react and find the strength to beat or at least not lose to Croatia in the third match of Group B, otherwise the reigning European Champions risk disqualification from the group stage, in event that our "Legionarians" achieve a historic victory over Spain.

Only two days away from the challenge against the Croatian "Fire", spoke the head of the Italian delegation, Gianluigi Buffon, who emphasized that the team now needs to regain security on the field, while expressing his conviction that with Croatia it will be another match from the one with Spain.

"For Croatia, it will be another match compared to the one against Spain. We were good at making Albania look like an inferior team. Did you see how much Croatia suffered against Albania? Meanwhile, we also had a lot of difficulties with Spain and they made us look inferior, but we are not.

We have the opportunity to enjoy two out of three possible results, but we don't have to think about that on the field. Against Croatia, we will do a different kind of performance and I am sure that after the match with the Croatians, we will talk differently" , said Buffon.