Racism shown by the Serbs, Kosovo files a lawsuit in UEFA

2024-06-21 16:00:59 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Racism shown by the Serbs, Kosovo files a lawsuit in UEFA
The European continues Associated with the behavior of the fans that cause accusations from other Federations and with investigations from UEFA.

The most recent case was the complaint that the Football Federation of Kosovo made in UEFA against the Serbian Federation, after the fans of the latter once again shouted "Kosovo is Serbia".

The federation announced on its website that it has prepared the next complaint for repeated nationalist and racist behavior by Serbian fans in the Group C match against Slovenia.

The announcement clarifies that the Serbian flag with the map of Kosovo and the inscription "No surrender" was placed in the stands.

A few days ago, such calls were heard in the match between Serbia and England, where flags and slogans for Kosovo were also placed, while the journalist from Kosovo, Arlind Sadiku, responded by making the eagle sign with his hands, from the field near the stand where it was the Serbian fans.

It is expected that UEFA will open another disciplinary investigation, and make a decision which will normally be another fine.

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