Muci's confession: We are waiting for the European with enthusiasm, Albania has something in common with Turkey

2024-05-21 23:09:06 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Muci's confession: We are waiting for the European with enthusiasm, Albania
Ernest Muçi is adapting quite well in Turkey, in his first season with Besiktas. The red and black striker gave an interview to Totem TV, where he also gave his opinion about the European.

" I can play in any position in attack, but I would like to be more central, to be closer to the midfielders or others, to give assists and to be close to the goal and help the team to score. It is important to move a lot, I like to change positions. Here they give me freedom and I thank the coaches who trust me.

It was easy for me to adapt here because my country is more or less the same culture and food. We also have some Turkish words. For me it was very easy, and for my family it was a simple adjustment. The way the people behave, the food, the weather is good. The guys are also friendly and made me feel at home from day one. It was easy to fit in.

The European? It was a great achievement for our country to go to the European. The group is tough, but when you're in these competitions it's better to play big games. So for me it's exciting, I'm looking forward to being part of these matches. But now it is important to be as healthy as possible, close everything well here at the club and then win the Cup. Then let's focus on the national team as it is an important event for us as a country.

The Turkish representative? I think they now have great talent in the ranks of the team. They are young, but I think they can play right now in the most important arena. They have chances to make a good tournament because they have experienced players as well. Arda is a good player, he showed it in the matches at Real Madrid and I think he has a good future", Muçi said, among other things, in his interview.