The 70-year-old from Burreli: They judge me for becoming a father at an old age, they tell me "what did you do"

2024-04-20 23:56:24 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

The 70-year-old from Burreli: They judge me for becoming a father at an old age,

70-year-old Myrtezai, who lives in Burrel with his second family, says that he is prejudiced that he has become a father again at an old age. He confesses that people tell him "why did you become a 60-year-old child", but he gives everyone the same answer: he says "thank you".

This is because Myrtezai wants to see only his own affairs and ensure the future of the 7-year-old boy.

"I don't listen to bad words at all. They said some of the worst things to me and I said thank you. I don't need anything, I see my work. They see me with my son and say "what do you want". I always say thank you. I don't see other people's anger, I see my problem. Someone tells me you cheated on your wife and took Naime. When people have nothing to do with these jobs, they will do it," he said.

Meanwhile, 48-year-old Naimja, who has major problems with her legs, confessed her economic difficulties.

Naime's concern today is for the boy to have a house of his own as soon as possible, since Myrtezai is already 70 years old and it is physically impossible for him to be able to provide him with something like that.

She said that when I take my son out for a walk, I try not to pass by the shops because there is no way to buy him anything if he asks.

"He asks for everything he sees. Even when I walk her, I don't take her to the shops, I take her out the other way, I don't go to the shops because I can't afford them all. He understands that we are in a difficult situation because now he is an adult," he said.