Apple includes ChatGPT on iPhone and Mac devices

2024-06-11 08:55:46 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

Apple includes ChatGPT on iPhone and Mac devices

The tech giant, Apple, will update its voice application, Siri, and other operating systems with artificial intelligence software, ChatGPT.

The updates will enable iPhone and Mac users to access ChatGPT, thanks to a partnership with the software's developer, OpenAI.

They will also be able to use ChatGPT for other purposes – outside of asking Siri – including text and content creation.

The test version will be available in the fall.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, said that these innovations will take his company's products "to new heights".

He made the comments as he opened the Worldwide Developers Conference at the tech giant's headquarters in California.

Apple has been under pressure to incorporate new AI features into its products, following the rapid growth of the company's rivals that have adopted the technology.

Cook has told investors as early as 2023 that his company will approach this technology with caution.