"I would kill you if you told me", the 16-year-old abused by the 60-year-old in the village of Vrap tells the horror she experienced

2024-04-08 12:41:41 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

"I would kill you if you told me", the 16-year-old abused by the

A serious incident happened a few days ago in the village of Vrap in Tirana.

A 16-year-old denounced a 60-year-old, her fellow villager, saying that he had abused her several times.

The teenager, in a direct connection with the program Open-hearted on News24 of the moderator Enis Ahmeti, said that she was threatened with a knife by the 60-year-old, while the latter, according to her, told her that he would kill her relatives as well.

Teenager:  I had the support of my grandmother and father. I only had the support of relatives, not institutions. I was coming from school. He threatened me with a knife. Then he put me in an apartment, where there is no longer a resident. He said don't tell me I will kill. It took me 2 hours. He told me not to tell that I will kill you and the people of the house. For 3 months I did not show because I was afraid.

It came in front of me again and there a person saw me. He told the 60-year-old that you are not ashamed to deal with children. Then he released me. He abused several times, for 3 months. He would call me and tell me to come to this place. He had two numbers and said take me on my cell phone. The exchanged messages are at Police Station 1. He was ringing the phone and his relatives discovered it.


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