"Find the ex-husband and return the money to the family!", the fight between the twins: I have created a new relationship!

2023-11-19 21:05:52 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

"Find the ex-husband and return the money to the family!", the fight

Laureta and Mirushja are two twin sisters who face each other in the "See You in Court" mediation session. Laureta called her sister in the column from "E Diela Shqiptare" on TV Klan to ask her to return a debt that her ex-husband took to the family.

Mirushja says that her ex-husband, who is a Kosovo Albanian, was introduced to her by Laureta's mother-in-law. She adds that the relationship is over and she has started a new family. Due to the money conflict, the family kicked Mirusha out of the house and has no contact with her.

Laureta:  The gentleman from Kosovo asked my father for money...

Mirushe:  Why did you bring me here today?

Laureta : I brought you here to return the money to my family, my father and my brother.

Eni Çobani:  Well, this father and brother are also Mirusha's or not, aren't they just yours, or have you kicked Mirusha out now and don't consider him anymore? Now why are the brother and father coming to you, asking you for this money, for what reason?

Laureta:  If they don't come to us, we will ask our sister's ex-husband. For 2-3 months, they made letters, celebrated that they would flee to Switzerland. During this time, they asked him to owe money, large sums of money. They ask bam, my father shukat with lek.

Mirushe:  And you will talk by yourself? But why don't you give me an answer, who did this person to me?

Laureta:  We made you the person, we didn't tell you to go and give the money.

Mirushe:  Yes, just as you did for good, I also got to know him for good.

Laureta:  Where does he have the good?

Mirushe:  This is what I was asking myself.

The borrowed money was taken about 8 years ago. Laureta says that the mistake is Mirusha's, as she should have known her partner better. She even tells the twin that she cooperated with him.

Mirushe:  As you knew him, I knew him as well.

Ardit Gjebrea:  That's what the sister is saying.

Mirushe : But where did I know him more, better?

Laureta:  But why did anyone tell you to open your stomach? That guy, you lekke na, what are you doing here?

Laureta:  My father's money! I have brought you here today so that today with Progress you can find my father's and my brother's money and sew that mouth shut! I waited 8 years for the money to be returned to my father, do you understand? Bring me that Progress in front of me!

Mirushe:  What money do you want?

Laureta:  The money you took from him.

Laureta : Together with him, you cooperated!

Mirushe:  Find Progress, as you found me, find me again, take the money!

Mirushe:  Don't mix me up with this work! I created a family!

Laureta:  I know where my husband is, I don't know your ex-fiancé!

Mirushe:  I forgot about it, I made another connection my girl! /tvklan.al