Google starts work on a new search filter

2024-04-09 08:18:39 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

Google starts work on a new search filter

Very soon Google may introduce a new filter for "Short Videos". The filter will allow users to divide videos based on duration in order to find short videos faster. Currently, if users want to find short videos from social networks like TikTok or Instagram, they have to specify it in the search engine.

Most likely, the new filter will display a collage of short videos from social networks. One of the reasons why the search engine may introduce this new feature is to allow users to watch short videos without making them leave Google.

At the moment, there are only a few photos circulating of this innovation that is still in development and will not be usable for everyone, at least for some time. Here the possibility is not excluded that despite the work on the new filter, Google will not introduce it for wide use.


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