Artificial intelligence discovers the food of the future, a salad of insects and…

2024-06-22 16:12:44 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

Artificial intelligence discovers the food of the future, a salad of insects

Images created by Artificial Intelligence show what the food diet may look like in 30 years, as we will be forced to eat in a completely different way than today.

A team of experts at FixOurFood, a research program led by the University of York, have brought to life the 2054 menu, which features strange dishes such as lab-created steaks, insect salads, plant-based pastas and more.

These unusual creations could replace traditional dishes, scientists believe, as they have lower carbon footprints, meaning they could help in the battle against climate change. But would a man fit in with these dishes that look like they belong in a kitchen from other galaxies?

Studies show that red meat and dairy are responsible for a large part of greenhouse gas emissions, so the best substitute, according to experts, are insects. Shrimp, worms and ants are environmentally friendly because they use fewer natural resources than raising livestock and are also a healthy alternative. They have even been announced as the next superfood because they are packed full of protein, nutrients, potassium, magnesium and three times more fatty acids.

Lab-grown meat is also being considered as an alternative, although it is still going through legal and regulatory hurdles, but by 2054 the team thinks it will be available to buy freely. This futuristic method offers an alternative to real animal meat, while tasting pretty much the same.


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