Musk is considering charging new users to tweet

2024-04-16 10:04:21 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

Musk is considering charging new users to tweet

Elon Musk plans to charge new Twitter/X users a small fee to be able to post on the social network to curb the problem of bots or automated accounts.

Responding to another user X's comment about the website changes, Musk wrote that charging a small fee for new accounts is the "only way" to stop the "bot attack."

Artificial intelligence as it stands today (and troll farms) can easily pass the test, Musk said, referring to tools like CAPTCHA.

Later, as reported by TechCrunch, Musk commented that new accounts will be able to post three months after they are created without paying a fee.

Like many others related to X, there are currently no details on when the policy will be implemented and what fees new users may have to pay. Of course, it is not impossible that it will never be implemented.

Last October, X started charging new unverified users $1 a year in New Zealand and the Philippines. New free users who join the platform from these countries can read posts but cannot interact with them. To post, like, repost, reply, bookmark and quote posts, they had to pay a fee.

A few days ago, X said that the platform is starting a major cleanup of spam accounts, warning users that their follower count may be affected.

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