This also happens/ The United Kingdom prohibits this type of password by law

2024-04-29 13:54:13 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

This also happens/ The United Kingdom prohibits this type of password by law

Humanity has many common denominators and choosing a password is one of them.

But choosing the 12345 password, which is the most used password every year, will no longer be allowed in the UK under new smart device laws.

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology explained that the measure that comes into force from today, Monday April 29, aims to protect users from cyber attacks. The Minister for Science and Technology, Jonathan Berry, said:

“As everyday life becomes more and more dependent on connected devices, the threats generated by the Internet multiply, thus increasing the opportunities for cybercrimes. This is why all smart devices connected to the Internet will be required by law to meet security standards. Starting today, consumers can have more peace of mind knowing that their smart devices are protected from cybercriminals. The purpose of these laws is to protect consumers' privacy, data and personal finances."

Common passwords like "admin" or "12345" will be banned to prevent hacker attacks. The measures are part of the government's £2.6bn national cyber security strategy to protect users. Manufacturers and retailers will be required to promptly inform customers of security updates.

A survey by consumer group Who showed that a home with smart devices could be exposed to over 12,000 hacking attacks from around the world in just one week, with a total of 2,684 attempts to find weak passwords on just five devices.

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