From Durrës to Sarandë/ Vala Fest summer concert starts, sponsor Korça beer and Fab water

2024-06-02 12:12:13 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

From Durrës to Sarandë/ Vala Fest summer concert starts, sponsor

Vala Fest, the moving summer concert, has started its tour in Durrës on May 31.

This concert was created and organized by Bea Marketing & Promotion, in cooperation with host municipalities, while the sponsors of this very special event are Birra Korça and Uji Fab.

Under the rhythm of the sounds, Durrës was electrified by the most prominent voices of Albanian music, Young Zerka, Urban Band, Gerta Mahmutaj, David Dreshaj, Alis and DJ Enrico.

Meanwhile, the next tour will stop in Pogradec on June 8, where other well-known artists such as Venera and Lind Islami will participate.

It is learned that the next station will be Lezha, where on June 15 Elhaida Dani, Lorenc Hasrama and other artists loved by the public will perform for the public.

Meanwhile, on June 13, Saranda will host Vala Fest, at the peak of the coastal tourism season, with singers; Eneda Tarifa, Young Zerka, Jet, DJ Abel, and the Urban Band that accompanies this concert in every city.

Undoubtedly, this summer will be even more beautiful, where everyone will enjoy good music under the melody of the sea waves at Vala Fest and with the freshness of the taste of Korça Beer and Fab water.