"They are poisoning us, Albanians are dying from food", Alfred Cako shocks the studio: The salt in the store is killing us, it has high levels of aluminum

2024-05-13 10:35:45 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

"They are poisoning us, Albanians are dying from food", Alfred Cako

In the column "Square Circle" Alfred Cako has raised the alarm about the food we eat and the salt we buy in stores.

According to him, salt is killing us because it contains high amounts of aluminum. He even raises the concern of airborne chemicals and poisons directly affecting our health.

Alfred Cako : We need three types of food, protein, carbohydrates and fat, and they must be of good quality. Carbohydrates are best taken through fiber cereals, be it unleavened bread, red rice, taken through fructose juices and through honey and not synthetic sugar. Don't forget the iodized salt in the store is poisoned salt, it is salt with high aluminum content. You should get sea salt from Vlora which has 92 thousand minerals out of 100 or so minerals that have Mendeleev's table that are found in the earth. Without the presence of mineral elements in your body, your body will always have problems. The other is the attack they make on us every day in all the peoples of Europe through airplanes and our government is silent. They have been dropped almost every day since January 15th and until today the sky becomes long white streaks where the planes and the government never gives an account that all the people on many sites that have the attention of the general public online, such things are thrown. Through the air, the fish in the sea are poisoned and through the air they are poisoned.