NAME/ He massacred a teacher to death, here is the first convict who will come to Albania

2023-11-29 08:05:49 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

NAME/ He massacred a teacher to death, here is the first convict who will come

Koçi Selamaj will be one of the Albanians sentenced to 36 years in prison for murder, who will be transferred to serve the sentence in the homeland after the last agreement between Albania and Britain. His name was made public in the last few days in a long article on the agreement, by the British newspaper "Telegraph". The newspaper writes that among the 200 people on the list to return to Albania, there is also Koci Selamaj, 36 years old, the killer of teacher Sabina Nessa, 28 years old. He was jailed after fatally stabbing the teacher 25 times in a park in south-east London. In the sentencing decision, the British court wrote that the Albanian, who was known as a garage worker, attacked the teacher on September 17, 2022, while she was going to meet a friend.

Albanian Selamaj was divorced because he had a history of family violence and it is suspected that the motive of the crime was sexual assault. The British newspaper writes that Selamaj has so far served only two years in prison, which means that he must continue his stay in a cell in Albania for the remaining 34 years of his sentence. "Telegraph" describes the ceremony held in Tirana a few days ago where the British embassy donated to the prison police a fleet of 15 electric vehicles and 22 vans to the prison police as part of the agreement with a funding of about 5 million euros.

The pact between the two governments envisages returning 200 of the most violent convicts from British cells to serve the remainder of their sentences in Albanian prisons. Part of the list of 200 names is known to be 17 life convicts, while the transfer of persons to Albania, according to the British authorities, saves them 40 thousand pounds a year. Albanian Koçi Selmanaj has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a primary school teacher in Britain. The 36-year-old Selmanaj will serve at least 36 years in prison and only after that will he ask the court to review the decision.

The event happened on September 27, 2021, where Selmanaj barbarically hit the teacher Sabina Nessa with a metal object 34 times in the head. Koçi Selamaj is originally from Elbasan. He was working in England as a pizza delivery man when he was arrested during a raid on his home by the British authorities.

Sabina Nessa was found dead in "Crator Park", just a few meters from her home on September 17. The teacher's body was found covered with leaves and it was a police dog that found it. On the day of the murder, Selamaj drove to London and entered Cator Park shortly after 8:00 p.m., lying in wait for half an hour before Ms. Nessa entered the park. The media have also published the video of Selmanaj a few moments after the murder. The reasons for the murder have not yet been disclosed to the media.



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