"They finished work on the phone", Qyno: The criminals communicated with satellites, they did not identify themselves

2023-10-02 22:53:38 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

"They finished work on the phone", Qyno: The criminals communicated

Journalist Elton Qyno has narrated the path followed by people involved in murder, drug trafficking or human trafficking to communicate with each other for work.

For "Top Story", Qyno said that SKY ECC, unlike normal phones, provided anonymity because you didn't log in with an email or phone number, but with satellite waves that were bought by crime barons like ordinary citizens buy phone credit.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Qyno:  "SKY" if you notice, it only worked for two years, from July 2019 to mid-2021. And this period of time alone, has made many people who deal with murder, drug trafficking, human trafficking, of course, have been absorbed by this application because they believed in the fact that once the conversations were automatically deleted, everything that was said was not was preserved.

But in fact all the conversations stayed on the server.

Duma:  Do you think it's that, or the fact that they communicated in code?

Qyno:  The fact that the app absorbed this whole community of people who wanted to finish criminal work, of course, is because the conversations were hidden and the communication was done through codes.

Duke u futur kodi në aplikacion, ata nuk logoheshin me email apo emër personal, as me valët e antenës…

Duma: Pra ishin në anonimitet?

Qyno: Duhet thënë edhe diçka që gazetarja nuk e përmendi, këta nuk kishin lidhje me valët e antenës telefonike, këta punonin direkt me valë satelitore.

Ai nëse fliste nga Tirana, nuk lokalizohej përmes analizës së qelizës telefonike, përmes antenës, psh: këtu jemi ne në Kashar dhe ta lidhte antenë pas antene dhe ta gjurmonte.

Duma: po si lidhej kjo me satelitin?

Qyno: Kishte valë të posaçme satelitore dhe për këto valë kishte një tarifë që paguhej. Siç paguajmë ne muaj për muaj telefonin, ashtu paguheshin edhe valët satelitore.

Duma:  From what you've said, does it occur to you that it might have been blessed by someone when it connected to the satellite because I don't think a mobile company...

The fact that an individual invents something and gives it to the mass to use, necessarily that that individual has also invented another tool to control this entire space in order to intercept the conversations or communications that they carried out through the application.

I think so, but what is already public is that France has hacked this system and discovered the codes.

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