You sewed for Enver Hoxha's brides! You were a family of spies!' The man 'seals' the argument with the woman

2023-10-01 20:09:02 / JETË ALFA PRESS

You sewed for Enver Hoxha's brides! You were a family of spies!' The

The separation and the money continue to be Adriatikur's request to Margarita in "See you in Court". He says that he has worked for years, has passed a serious illness and now the moment has come for the money that Margarita took from their assets to be returned to him.

The debate between them escalates and they start mentioning details of the past to each other, which surprise the studio of the program "E Diela Shqiptare" on TV Klan.

Adriatik: Considering what sacrifices I have made for you, count...

Margarita: Oh! Enver Hoxha would introduce me to agitation-propaganda that I would sew until 2 in the morning and sell them the next day. For you to eat, for your family to eat, our oyster...

Adriatik: I didn't let you in because you sewed for Enver Hoxha's brides!

Margarita: I am so… I play the tambourine!

Adriatik: Those in the neighborhood didn't care that my friend who sewed pants, they put him in prison then. They didn't put a stitch on Enver Hoxha's family. You were a family of spies! Your brother was a spy, that's why they took him to China!

Margarita: Now seal it! What did we come for, we came for onions, bring out tomatoes!

Adriatik: Don't leave the conversation, return the money to me, everyone to their own business! Don't play theater for me! Who you were and who I was doesn't matter at all! The important thing is the fact that I was left with body clothes!/

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