Halilaj was elected mayor: I will stand by every resident of Kukës

2023-09-25 11:37:38 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Halilaj was elected mayor: I will stand by every resident of Kukës

Albert Halilaj, who has been elected as the new head of Kuka Municipality, has thanked the citizens of Kuka, while promising them a reduction in unemployment, economic development and promotion of tourism.

He did not make any comments about the opponent, underlining that the political campaign in Kukës has been calm.

" I thank all the citizens of Kukes for the trust they have given me, for this great responsibility. I promise you that I will be simple and I will come to the aid of all citizens, regarding infrastructure, unemployment, economic development, and promotion of tourism.

I know the administration very well, I am close to every problem of the citizens. I have only one positive comment about my opponent, it is the only campaign in Kukës for 30 years without any incidents. The citizens of Kukës showed value and courtesy.

I have promised the citizens to reduce unemployment, tourism and economic development. Politics should turn its attention to the problems of citizens, to people in need. I thank Rama for giving me the guarantee that he will be present together with the government in the next four years in Kukës", he said.